Helicopter builders

If you are two regular guys wanting to travel the world in a helicopter, you definitely have some options.

In case you are on a budget, but you have a lot of time at your disposal, you can build your own helicopter. A very nice option is Rotorway A600 Talon which came as a kit helicopter with very professional building descriptions and support from the company. A big advantage is that you can customize the cockpit and the design and colors of the paint the way you like it. A must for any builder is the British television series “A Chopper is Born” hosted by Mark Evans, who builds his own Rotorway on camera and covers humorously all the steps required by this huge work.

Finally, your helicopter will look hopefully like this or better:

Another beautiful 2-seat option with an excellent design, is the new Italian gas turbine helicopter Konner K1.
It brings in the huge advantage of a gas turbine and an ultimate elegance cockpit.
In case money are not an issue and your dream is to fly around the world, what you really need is at least a powerful 4-seat machine, with extra space for a second tank under the back sits. Anything from Robinson R44 (as shown by Jennifer Murray in her book “Now Solo”) to Bell, Agusta or Eurocopter will do the job successfully.
Although just a prototype in tests at the moment, have a look at this: Volocopter VC200, the first green helicopter in the world. This 2-seat helicopter is going to change the way we think about flying.